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6 Jul 2014

Sexy Library

I love a good scent (who doesn't?) and reed diffusers are my favourite way to keep my space smelling great, effortlessly. While room sprays only last a short time (and are full of chemicals I just don't want to spread around) and constantly burning candles isn't the most cost-effective, reed diffusers are
harmless, affordable, and your place will smell great constantly!

I recently picked up Library by True Grace and am in love. Although it's not to everybody's taste, it's exactly the kind of fragrance I adore... musky, warm, and unisex. It's such a cosy scent and really does smell like an old library / leather wallet / wood fire. I know that some of you will be cringing at this description, but if you like scents like Diptyque Feu de Bois or MUJI Hinoki Wood, you'll love this, too. It's less old man, and more sexy librarian than anything (oh gosh, what are my descriptions?!).

Rather than lingering in the air becoming more and more subtle until you're totally immune to the smell and can no longer enjoy it, I get whiffs of it now and again as it circulates my room. The great thing about diffusers is that you can control how subtle or string you want the fragrance to be just be adding or taking away some of the reeds. If you've used all of the reeds and want it to be even stronger, a little tip to you is to take the reeds out, turn them over, and put them back in upside down. 

If you're a smell-addict like me, I highly recommend picking up a reed diffuser in your favourite scent.

What's your favourite way to keep your place smelling nice?

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