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31 Jul 2014

Holiday Beauty | Face Masks

The scary thing about choosing which beauty things to bring on holiday (particularly if you'll be attending an event) is that you don't know what skin catastrophe is around the corner. What if I breakout / get dehydrated skin / need a brightener or oil control? You just can;t bring everything, so what do you bring to combat it all? Here're my face mask picks for any eventuality.

Origins Clear Improvements charcoal mask is the perfect travel face mask if you have hormonal or travel-related breakouts. The activated charcoal works to diminish the size and redness of the blemish but isn't too harsh that it'll dry out the skin. After a 20 minute dosage, your skin will feel thoroughly cleansed, soft and supple, and your blemish will be on it's way out.

If, however, you're suffering from dry patches or flaking and dull skin, Ayesha from LUSH is the way to go. It's incredibly moisturising and leaves the skin feeling fresh and deeply cleansed - think the feeling you get when you leave a spa. It's also great to team up with the Clear Improvements mask if your blemishes have been dry from travel, weather, or interference (I know sometimes it's tempting to dry those suckers out, but it's honestly best to keep them moisturised, too).

Using these masks together will mean your skin's vitality, glow, and health is restored as those pesky blemishes are being moved out!

What are your favourite face masks to use in a travel emergency?

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