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7 Jul 2014

Bobby Pin Tricks

We've all got 'em (although the need to keep restocking is insane... am I right?) but too many of us are not using them to their full effect. Here are three tips that will give your bobby pin tale a much happier ending:

It's a common mistake to slide the pin in upside down. They're actually designed to be put in wavy side down. Trust me, this makes all of the difference, guys. If you're bobby pin is on show it'll also make it look a lot cleaner (and show itself as more of an accessory rather than just a tool).

As well as putting in upside down, we're often putting them in backwards! Instead of haphazardly pinning them to your head, hold one parallel to the hair you want to grip and slide into the style. This  will secure your do a lot better, meaning you'll be using only one or two pins, and they'll be hidden for a classier look.

If your bobby pins just aren't sticking in and you find yourself having to adjust every few hours, try applying hairspray to each pin and letting air dry until tacky to the touch before inserting in your hair. This'll give extra grip and your style should hold all day / night.

I hope this helps and if any of these work for you please let me know! Do you have any extra bobby pin tricks I've missed?

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