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24 Jun 2014

Toetally Ringed

I'm a sucker for silver jewellery so it was no surprise that my love for little silver rings extended from my fingers to my toes.

Adorning them threw me back to the nineties when chokers, temporary tattoos, and toe rings were all you needed to feel like you'd made it in life. There's definitely something to be said for nineties trends
- a lot of it bad, but some of it not-so-bad. Toe rings are certainly in the latter category. I'm a firm believer in taking care of your feet, including giving yourself pedicures, moisturising, and ornamenting them with miniature rings. Sadly in London it's not always appropriate weather to be wearing sandals and flip-flops, but when it is these guys will be making a proud appearance.

Have you rekindled your nineties childhood self and graced your feet with the toe ring this summer?

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