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26 Jun 2014

Take a Brow

Let me start out by spoiling the ending to this post... I'm in LOVE with this brow pencil. It's everything I could want in a brow product and I can't believe I did my brows for so many years without it.

Okay, so now that's out of the way let me tell you why. 

Before this beaut came into my life, I was using powder to create natural, soft-looking brows. Using a pencil had only meant one-dimensional, harsh looking brows for me in the past (even using light shades and a light hand). I was surprised when first using the Brow Wiz at how little pigment comes off on each stroke... making it fool-proof as you have to really work at creating a harsh line. The pigmentation is subtle and perfect for sweeping on hair-like strokes to look super natural but produce a full brow. Unlike other brow pencils I've used it's got a waxy texture to it which actually makes the brows stay in place longer and your brows don't melt off in the sun! I love that the pencil comes with a small spoolie on the end, too. It's a small detail but means that I no longer have to carry a separate one around with me and because it's lidded it's more hygienic.

What're your favourite brow products? Do you prefer a bolder, more defined brow or do you go for the more natural look?

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