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27 Jun 2014

Stone Cold Silver

I'm a massive lover of silver jewellery (check out my Toetally Ringed post here). Show me something silver in colour and simplistic in style and I'm besotted, so over the past few months I've acquired a little bundle to be proud of.

Market Ring
Walking through Greenwich market one afternoon brought me to a stand rowed with silver delights. Of course, I was immediately drawn to the rings all lined up in size order (points for organisation and categorisation) and picked out this geometric beauty as my favourite. I have been wearing it almost every day since. It's simple in design so goes with every outfit and pairs well with all my other jewellery but bold enough to wear on its own, too.

Opal Ring
During a trip to St. Ives I came across a nick-knack shop that was filled with things like cushion covers and handmade soaps to astrology stones and wooden whistles. On the counter by the till, however, I found a small tray of silver rings that I was enamoured with. Every one of them was beautiful... it took me quite a while to finally choose just the one. I decided on this opal-set ring, which brought back childhood memories of spending hours staring into stones and crystals looking for patterns, faces, and God knows what else.

Larimar Ring
Being draped in silver sometimes calls for an odd punch of colour and my favourite hues to marry to silver are the blues. Being faced with a glass box filled with hundreds of rings made this one a tough choice but I loved the simplicity of this piece. It was bought for me on a trip to St. Ives and the irregular blue larimar will forever remind me of the ocean there. Sentimentality makes this one even more beautiful to me.

Stone and Hoop Bracelet
This was a piece that I just had to have as soon as I laid eyes on it. It's elegance and simplicity makes it perfect to accessorise any outfit for any occasion at any time of day. I've work this with a plain T and jeans, to a wedding paired with a white dress and heels, and all types of occasions in between. The stone detail makes it a bit more interesting than other bangles and has often become a conversation starter.

T-Bar Bracelet
This classic silver t-bar closure bracelet was a gift for my 21st birthday. Two and a half years later and it's still one of my favourite pieces. It's timeless design will assuredly mean it'll stay in my collection... inevitably. It looks great on its own and layered with other bracelets and paired with a concoction of silver statements.

What're your favourite jewellery pieces? Are you a silver addict like me?

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