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4 Jun 2014

Moisture Mix

A good moisturiser, for me, is the most difficult beauty product to find. Perhaps it's because I've been blessed (or not) with oily skin or maybe there just aren't that many holy grails out there (correct me if I'm wrong and totally missing something here).

I've been using the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo+ as a day time moisturiser for a while and have been loving it. It's great for wearing under makeup because it's super light weight and soaks right into the skin (a must for oiler skinned gals). It's designed to keep blemishes at bay and reduce scarring so acts as layer between your skin and your makeup that's actually benefitting your skin.

At night I like to treat my skin to a few drops of Rosehip Oil to deeply nourish and soften my skin. As well as soothing and plumping the skin, it's a fantastic treatment for acne scarring and hyper-pigmentation. My skin is extremely soft in the mornings and has become so much more even over the months of using it. Definitely a holy grail product.

Then the thought came to me to mix the two together. I had been wondering why people apply moisturiser after their oil at night (isn't oil moisturising enough?) but had a fair few people telling me not to skip on moisturiser. So I mixed the two together at a 1:3 moisturiser to oil ratio and the next morning tried the same but at a 3:1 ratio and loved it. I was scared to add oil to my skin in the mornings, especially before applying makeup, but a drop mixed in with your usual moisturiser means it's a very thin layer that sinks into the skin creating a plumper surface for your foundation to settle on. It also means saying goodbye to any patchiness or flaking under concealer.

It's a revelation.

What's your favourite moisturiser? Do you mix and match?

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