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8 Jun 2014

Making Makeup Stay All Day

So the hot weather is abounding (or, at least I hear it is in other countries... London, why so glum?) and we're wanting glowy bases and dewy faces. But that also means stashing away our matte foundations and opting for ones with a radiance-enhancing technology. For us with oiler skin, that
means all the hard work we put in to looking decent will most likely slick off come early afternoon. So here are a few tips from me to you to keep that makeup in it's rightful place and leave you looking as vibrant and put together as you did 10 minutes after application.

Learn what works for you
A new new cult products comes out of the depth of the beauty world. Everybody seems to be loving and looking radiant in it. You get home, shopping bag in tow, prepare yourself for falling in love. And then, after a few trial and errors, realise it just isn't working. Sound familiar? Most likely you've fallen for the hype. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that the product isn't good, it means you probably need to discover what definitely works for you and what definitely doesn't. For me, anything with buzzwords like 'radiant', 'glow', or 'illuminating' is pretty much off the cards for me. That's because they're aimed at people with dry or dull skin so are loaded with glycerine and oils and will just slip right off my face. So I have to say goodbye to products like Rimmel's Wake Me Up and NARS Sheer Glow (weep), but it means products like Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum and MAC Face and Body are going to be perfect. If you have oily skin, check out this post for the best foundations from the drugstore.

Sandwich it
If I'm in for the long haul and I really want my makeup to stay put, I use the sandwiching technique. This means there's a layer beneath your makeup and a layer over it that'll keep in on lock down. The first layer comes in the form of a primer and acts as a smooth base to which your foundation can stick to evenly. Apply your makeup as usual and add a top layer of pressed powder. I opt for translucent so not to add any more coverage in the process (and I'm slightly afraid of the cakey look which is very easily achieved by topping off with too much pigmented powder). A light dusting will do the trick - be careful not to sweep on too much (but a slightly heavier layer may be needed for the forehead and t-zone).

What do you use to keep your makeup in place all day?

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