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30 May 2014

Stick or Switch

So I've been thinning about my skincare regimen and, more to the point, my skin's reactions to it. You hear a lot of theories, especially in the blogging world, about the benefits of having a routine but also about the benefits of switching up your skincare for best results. I've tried sticking to what I know is
good and I've tried mixing it up a bit more, testing out different products. Here are the pros and cons of each:

Once you've tested the waters and have come across a few products that suit your skin best, what's the point in changing what already works? Your skin, particularly on your face, is probably more sensitive than you think and irritating it with chemicals, perfumes, and a whole list of other harsh ingredients might not go down so well, so once you've paired it down it may be best to stick with it. We know we should be kind to our skin and if we find that it's loving a certain product, sticking with it lessens the option of testing another and harming the balance. My beauty shelf is where I keep all of my current skincare so I'm not faced with a heaving pile of products.

If you've found a holy grail product that works for your skin but out of the blue stops working so well, it might just be that your skin is getting use to it and has effectively become 'immune'. Our body is constantly adapting to it's surroundings and so if, for example, you have a breakout and use a topical treatment it may work for a while until our skin adapts and finds a new way to release the infection (gross, I know). Using a different treatment will work until the same happens again, thus why some people prefer to rotate their skincare. This is true of cleansers, toners, moisturiser, treatments, and just about anything to do with skincare. So don't be discouraged if your favourite product doesn't seem quite as loveable, just add it to the rotation. An easy way to adjust your product to your skin's needs without breaking the bank if by making small batches of your own toner - click here to see my DIY for all skin types.

What are your favourite products to have on rotation? Or are you more of a 'stick to what you know' type?

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