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16 May 2014

Mason Jars | Cheat the Trend

We've all seen the mason-jar-paper-straw photos on Instagram recently and let's be honest, it's pretty cute. But instead of heading to the nearest kitchenware store, I bet your house is already filled with jars waiting to be filled with green juice.
So before you take out your recycling, take a peek in and see if you can find something tumbler-shaped. Once you've found something with the right shape, here's what you need to do:

1. Soak your jar in warm, soapy water for about 20 minutes.
2. Once the label and glue have softened, take an abrasive sponge and rub it away.
3. Glass is porous so can often retain a smell unless thoroughly cleaned. If your jar still smells of it's previous inhabitant, rub a slice of lemon and baking soda around the inside and rim (and if it's particularly stubborn, leave the lemon and baking soda inside with the lid screwed on over night).
4. Add a touch of personality; some rustic yarn tied around the brim, dip-dying the bottom with your favourite paint colour, or anything you like!

I can't wait for all the smoothies, juices, and iced teas I'll be having in my olive jar this summer.. and they'll taste all the better knowing that I didn't spend a penny!

Will you be rummaging through your kitchen for a DIY juice jar?

— Coming Soon —