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1 Apr 2014

Perfect Nude Duo

Finding the perfect nude lip is trickier than it sounds. So many lip products either have the wrong undertones (too yellow, orange, or red) or the wrong consistency (too sticky, drying, or patchy). I gave up the hunt for the perfect peachy pout a while ago, instead sticking to lip balms or pale pink
shades. But, as it always seems to go in life, once I stopped looking it fell into my lap. I bought the perfect duo within the same week totally on a whim and I am mighty glad I did.

Rimmel Nude Delight
has not stopped stepping up in my estimation. It's the perfect nude shade being perfectly peach toned with a neutral blush that isn't too pink or yellow. Ladies, chuck out your nude stash because this is the only neutral shade you'll be needing this summer.

L'Oreal Liquid Lipstick Molto Mauve
has been a revelation to me. I usually steer pretty clear of anything resembling a gloss, but this shade caught my eye and being a lipstick / lipgloss hybrid I thought I'd give it a go. I'm glad I did. It's got the shine of a gloss without feeling heavy or sticky on the lip and has great pigmentation. It's a muted plum shade that's dark enough to wear on it's own but light enough to sport during the day. Paired with Nude Delight, it makes for the greatest nude duo.

What's your favourite combo?

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