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13 Mar 2014

Home Remedies for Acne Scarring

Rosehip oil
is full of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids which all help repair dark spots and scarring. It has been raved about time and time again in blogs, magazines, forums, but it has also been promoted by doctors, which made my ears perk up. It has been proven to reduce even severe scarring and if used frequently will help your skin to protect against new scars forming.

Lemon juice
The l-absorbic acid in lemons regenerates the skin, cutting through the dead skin cells and encouraging new skin cell regrowth. It belongs to the alpha hydroxy acid family (known as AHA in the beauty industry) which is used in many effective, and often expensive, anti-scarring products. Make sure your skin is clean, then apply lemon juice directly onto the scars and leave it for enough time for it to soak into your skin. You can also leave it as an over night treatment and wash it off in the morning.

deeply moisturises the skin, softening the scar tissue and making it less visible. You can use honey as a base for spot treatments, face masks or intensive moisturisers. Add oats in boost moisture, brown sugar for a gentle exfoliant or lemon juice to help fade dark marks.

Baking Soda
helps get rid of dead skin and bring to the surface new, smoother skin. This helps the skin's regrowth and encourages new skin growth, fading the old scars faster. You can make a topical paste by adding a few drops of water or lemon juice, apply, wait to dry and rinse off with warm water. This can also be applied all over the face as a mask to help bring out black heads and tighten pores.

Coconut oil
is a natural skin softener and has high anti-bacterial properties to help combat acne and reduce the signs of old scarring. Use it as a night moisturiser, mask, spot treatment or blend with other anti-scarring products. Massaging the skin is a great way to boost circulation which will help the skin heal faster. Use a little coconut oil to massage the scarring daily.

Aloe Vera
helps the healing process, calming and moisturising the skin. Use directly from the aloe plant for best results, or use a 100% organic lotion with no added ingredients. Aloe vera has been used for centuries to cure all kinds of skin ailments from severe burns to eczema. 

Vitamin E oil
is an intensive natural moisturiser. Spot a theme? Use from capsules for a thicker consistency or add a few drops of the essential oil to your moisturiser or DIY face mask.

Olive oil
is another great moisture-boosting massage oil. It's kind to skin and won't clog your pores while penetrating deep into the skin to soften and heal.

is anti-inflammatory and contains salicylic acid, softening skin and reducing discolouration. Use as a mask by adding a few drops of water, lemon juice or vitamin E oil, apply to scar, wait to harden and wash off with warm water. To keep moisture locked in, apply one of the moisturisers above.

Have any of these worked for you?

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