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1 Mar 2014

February Flake-Away Roundup

If you're a follower of my blog you will have seen a series of posts pop up on your Bloglovin' feed under the series title February Flake-Away. February being the coldest, darkest month of the year and when we're feeling most run down (unless you live in Australia... then you can just sit there in your
glowy, happy skin in the knowledge that you're lucky... very, very lucky). So I've been on the hunt for products that bring your skin back to normality and even add a bit of dewy, summer-esque glow and brought you the best of the best. Here is the series roundup if you missed it:

My DIY for a creamy, vitamin-rich evening cleanser.

My top picks for branded cleansers.

My DIY for a smoothing, calming evening moisturiser.

The best moisturisers for each skin type.

My top 3 lip balm picks.

Makeup for dewy, glowy-looking skin for this Spring / Summer.

Have you tried any of the products or DIYs yet?

— Coming Soon —