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12 Mar 2014

Drink More Water

This year for lent I'm not giving up anything but instead am drinking a minimum of 2litres of water every day. Drinking more water is constantly on my list of things to do, always making its way onto my new years resolutions and target-setting lists. And I don't think I'm alone in this.
So, to help you on your water-guzzling way and hopefully encourage you to keep going, I've come up with 5 reasons why it's a pretty good idea.

Eat less
Often when we feel hunger pangs, it's our brain misinterpreting our want for water so if we keep hydrated we'll feel hungry less of the time. This is not a means to suppress appetite, but actually to keep in check how hungry we're really feeling rather than over-eating.

Burn more
Drinking more water speeds up your metabolism, meaning you're burning more calories. This lasts up to half an hour after drinking water, so keep sipping throughout the day to keep it up.

Clear skin
Water improves blood circulation and flushes out bodily toxins, leaving your skin clearer and glowing. Moisture is also retained, plumping up the skin and lessening fine lines and wrinkles.

Feel energised
Drinking water boosts the function of... pretty much everything in your body. This means that everything runs a little smoother so you can stay productive and alert. This not only means your brain is more focused for when you're working away at your desk, but a higher intake of water means your muscles are working better and are more protected so going for a run or lifting weights will do less damage to your joins and you can work harder, burning more calories.

Better sleep
Drinking regularly through the day helps maintain a balance of hormones, energy-levels, vitamins, and minerals, leaving your body calm, relaxed, and prepared for a better, deeper, longer sleep.

Will you be drinking more this Spring?

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