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23 Mar 2014

Brow and Lash Booster

The days of Clara Bow-esque brows are fading (thankfully!) and Brooke Shield is becoming our new brow icon. So if your brows are looking a bit lacklustre, a great way to bring them back to full fancy is by combing through some castor oil at nights. The easiest way is to grab a toothbrush
(a new one, but doesn't have to be fancy), dab a bit of the oil onto the bristles and comb through after your usual nighttime regimen.

To apply on your lashes is even easier, all you need is your thumb and middle (or index) finger. Dab a small amount (this stuff is pretty thick so you really need half a pea-sized amount for both sets of lashes), rub onto the thumb and middle finger, pinch your lashes near the base and glide your fingers through the lengths. Do this until you get an even amount across your lashes.

The oil is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal so it helps to keep the natural bacteria and microscopic mites from damaging and thinning the hairs.  It's also full of omega 9 which penetrates deep into the hair follicle providing nourishment and moisture. 

Your brows and lashes will be fuller and glossier than ever. And coming in under £2 (link here), it's all around amazing stuff.

Will you be trying this treatment?

— Coming Soon —