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31 Mar 2014

Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm | Review

I wanted an easy way to take my makeup off before cleansing that wouldn't dry out or irritate my skin. A hot cloth cleansing balm seemed like a good idea, but there are so many that I couldn't decide which to devote myself to. Then I saw the Botanics 97% Organic Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm on the

27 Mar 2014

Skincare Saviours

When my skin is not feeling up to scratch, there are a few products I reach for to bring my skin back to normality.

23 Mar 2014

Brow and Lash Booster

The days of Clara Bow-esque brows are fading (thankfully!) and Brooke Shield is becoming our new brow icon. So if your brows are looking a bit lacklustre, a great way to bring them back to full fancy is by combing through some castor oil at nights. The easiest way is to grab a toothbrush

21 Mar 2014

Escentual Sale Picks

I saw a little 1/3 off sale happening over on Escentual and had to pick up a few treats in preparation for the warmer weather.

17 Mar 2014

Haircare Heist

Now that the weather is warming up and the sun is beginning to show it's face once again, it's time to loosen those locks, give them a lift and bring them out of their I-don't-care winter ponytails. Hair is a great insulator during the colder months, even acting as a scarf when it's blustery, but now that we're

16 Mar 2014

DIY Natural Teeth Whitening

I was asked recently by a colleague how I get my teeth so white and thought after the conversation, 'how have I not written a blogpost on this yet?'. It's so simple but oh so effective. It'll save you a bundle on whitening kits and is much safer and more economical to use than bleach. If you add it to your routine you'll soon see the effects (even if you have wine, coffee or cigarette stains).

13 Mar 2014

Home Remedies for Acne Scarring

Rosehip oil
is full of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids which all help repair dark spots and scarring. It has been raved about time and time again in blogs, magazines, forums, but it has also been promoted by doctors, which made my ears perk up. It has been proven to reduce even severe scarring and if used frequently will help your skin to protect against new scars forming.

12 Mar 2014

Drink More Water

This year for lent I'm not giving up anything but instead am drinking a minimum of 2litres of water every day. Drinking more water is constantly on my list of things to do, always making its way onto my new years resolutions and target-setting lists. And I don't think I'm alone in this.

10 Mar 2014

Beauty Gifts for Him

Men are notoriously difficult to buy for. Whether he's the man who has everything or the man who wants nothing, us women find ourselves in a bit of a pickle roaming down the high street in a cloud of confusion. I recently found myself here. So I've come to bring you the top picks of pampering products for him.

1 Mar 2014

February Flake-Away Roundup

If you're a follower of my blog you will have seen a series of posts pop up on your Bloglovin' feed under the series title February Flake-Away. February being the coldest, darkest month of the year and when we're feeling most run down (unless you live in Australia... then you can just sit there in your


I recently bought myself a little cacti family and wanted to share it with you. As you know, I love having plants in my place (check out my room decor post here), so I now have new additions to my little living things family. I set out to buy just the one but couldn't decide between three and they

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