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26 Feb 2014

Moisturisers | February Flake-Away

Having had a cold spell this month, it is important to give our skin a little TLC and replenish the moisture lost with a good moisturiser (or two). My skin has been a little lack lustre to say the least recently and so I have been trying out different products to bring back the luminosity
(see all of my February Flake-Away posts). For moisturisers, it is important to chose the right one for your skin type, so below I have listed a few good'uns for each skin type to make your search for the perfect moisturiser a little easier.

If you have dry skin, February is probably not your favourite month. The cold, blustery weather can chap and flake your skin and makeup can be a hassle to apply onto uneven textures. If you're still struggling with these skin issues, give this a try to give your skin back some moisture and calm:

Organic Surge Super Intensive Daily Moisturiser is a great one if you also suffer from sensitive skin because it is free from parabens and SLS (sodium laurel sulphate), vegan friendly and isn't tested on animals. The consistency is thick but it smooths onto the face evenly and sinks in fairly quickly. And at under £10 it's worth a try!

If you have oily skin you may be wandering why your skin is feeling oiler than ever in the winter months. Shouldn't the dry air be fixing the problem, not making it worse? In fact, the drier your skin feels, the more oils your skin is going to produce to compensate so actually you want to keep moisture levels up! Here are some tips to help balance the skin's sebum levels and keep your oil to a minimum without drying your complextion out:

Quite frankly, I've not found the holy grail moisturiser for oily skin. I don't want to rant and rave about something that I wouldn't use myself, nor will I just put something here to fill the space. What I would recommend, however, is using my DIY evening cleanser followed by my DIY evening moisturiser to really tackle the t-zone. For morning moisturisers, I'd suggest focusing on whether you have blemishes (common for oily skin gals), sensitive skin or any other problem areas and use the best moisturiser for that. To bring the shine down throughout the day will be down to your makeup (see upcoming post!).

Combination skin can be a faff to deal with, especially in the winter when the extremes of dry and oily are intensified and combination skin can be at it's worse. Here's a moisturiser to help bring back your skin to a normal balance:

Organic Surge Blissful Daily Moisturiser is light in texture and soaks into the skin easily. It's packed with essential oils to rebalance and maintain the skin's moisture levels, hydrating the drier areas and calming the oilier t-zone.

We all know that if you have sensitive skin you want to avoid harsh products that contain chemicals, alcohol, parabens or perfumes. So, other than using my DIY moisturiser, here is a great product that will sooth, soften and, most importantly, not irritate your skin.

LUSH is known for it's natural products that help the skin stay fresh and protected without using harsh ingredients to just give the appearance of healthy skin. LUSH Full of Grace is a great option for more sensitive skin. It's completely natural and contains chamomile to keep the skin calm. Unlike the other moisturisers, it comes in a palm-sized bar which you heat up in your hands to melt and apply with with your fingers. If you've got eczema, enflamed acne, rashes, hives, or just sensitive skin that reacts to other products, give this little gem a go!

If you differ from breakouts, choosing the right moisturiser can be a mind field. It's difficult not to try to dry those little buggers out and skip moisturising all together. But we all know in our heart of hearts that will only make matters worse. So, here is a moisturiser (kind of) that will help calm and protect your skin while keeping it unclogged.

I like to use the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo as a morning moisturiser when I have had a breakout. It's thin enough to wear under makeup and leaves a protective layer between your face and makeup so blemishes get a chance to heal without being clogged further.

Have you tried my DIY evening moisturiser yet?

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