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20 Jan 2014

Work Desk Essentials

Christmas and New Years are well and truly over and we've all been back to work for enough time 
that we're beginning to feeling the slog. The weekends seem few and far between while motivation is running low.

To keep from taking too many 'sick' days and to boost morale, here are some desk essentials that should keep you sane... at least until Easter.

- Water / Tea

It is important to keep hydrated, not only to stave off the dreaded chapped lips in the winter winds but  drinking water throughout the day keeps brain activity at a high, heightening creativity and boosting focus.
If water becomes too monotonous, try drinking tea. The warmth helps hydration levels and green tea adds a dose of antioxidant power.

- Snacks

Healthy snacking is a great way to keep your metabolism up and fatigue down. It'll also help guard you from grabbing a quick, stodgy lunch which will, in turn, help keep those extra pounds off.
I opt for finger foods like cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks and hummus and a homemade trail mix.

- Vitamin C / Matcha Powder

These are a great mid-afternoon energy boost once your lunch power has worn off and you need an extra kick. Unlike coffee, vitamin C and matcha help raise your energy without the massive crash hours later. They'll also aid your sleep at night so the next day you're feeling more refreshed where coffee gives you a caffeine hangover.

- Music

If you're lucky enough to have a job where you can listen to music, it can be helpful to stick on your headphones, turn on your favourite motivational or relaxing music and zone out from the noise and distractions around you.
I usually listen to, that way I don't have to keep stopping work to change the song. You can also make your own 'Work' playlist on iTunes if you want to listen to your own music.

- Notepad and Pen

In a day where using paper to jot down an idea is unusual and even paper books have been replaced by mechanical ones, computer screens have taken over our lives. The wonderful world wide web is a fantastic place to, say, share thoughts and ideas on a blog, but the ever-trustworthy good old pen and paper has been long forgotten, as has it's benefits. Not only does writing something by hand exercise a different part of the brain, it also helps you remember what you've written thus keeping you on top of your work load. Giving your eyes a few short breaks from your screens will also help if you suffer from headaches or insomnia.

- Chapstick

This one may seem strange, but people who work in offices or stationary positions tend not to drink enough fluids and therefore get chapped lips. Although it's important to remember to drink more water, when you are in a lip-cracking crisis, a soothing lip balm will come in very handy. It'll also prevent stress-nibbling at your lower lip (a habit most of us are unconscious we have).
Have a peek at my review of my favourite chap stick here.

- Hand Sanitiser

January being the beginning of flu season, it's vital to keep on top of those germs around the office. While a lot of people are not as hygienic as we would like to hope, a little hand sanitiser after visiting the bathroom or if your job involves shaking a lot of hands is a good precautionary step.

What're your must-haves for work / school?

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