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28 Jan 2014

Tea Talk

I love tea. I drink it all day and besides the benefits to pretty much your entire body, it tastes delicious and is super warming on those colder days. There's nothing better than snuggling down with a good book or film under your softest blanket sipping on a cup of your favourite tea. And here are mine:

Although the name is slightly deceiving because I don't find this tea to taste much like chai, it is the most delicious green tea. It's refreshing like green tea but also very warming (it has orange peel, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves). This is my number one favourite tea and if you like green teas, I challenge you to try this and not love it, too.

This one is also very warming, despite being a spearmint tea. The camomile is the strongest flavour with the aftertaste of spearmint, leaving your mouth feeling nicely refreshed. Both camomile and spearmint help aid digestion, so I recommend this one for the mornings and after meals.

I tend to only drink this one at night before bed. It is the spiciest of the three (the ginger has a fiery kick) and makes me feel extra snuggly wrapped up in bed after a long day. Lemon and ginger are both great for when you're feeling ill and need a pick-me-up and are very soothing.

What are your favourite warming teas this winter?

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