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15 Jan 2014

Supplements for Health and Beauty

I have been taking supplements for a good few years now and each time I investigate a new vitamin, I am taken on a journey of discovery of the wide world of tablets. It can be very hard to whittle the choice down to a handful of little chalky fellas when each one promises such different but equally appealing health benefits.

So here's what my current morning pill-taking regimen consists of:


Flaxseed Oil

is composed mainly of omega 3 fatty acids which speed up the skin healing process. It is also an anti-inflammatory so can prevent smaller spots from becoming larger and is great for retaining moisture so your skin is plumper and softer.

Primrose Oil

boosts circulation which in turn helps heal your skin of acne or eczema. It is also an anti-inflammatory and full of essential fatty acids.


is essential for cell growth and replication. The quicker the turn over of new cells, the quicker your skin will heal and replenish itself.

Niacin (B3)

promotes healthy skin and is widely used topically as an acne treatment, particularly inflammatory acne vulgarise (cystic acne).


turns into vitamin A once in the body which treats acne (and is the active ingredient in Accutaine). This is also a great one for all you city slickers as it protects against damage from UV rays and air pollutants.



is needed to break down glucose into energy. If you're deficient you can become sluggish and weak.


converts into serotonin in the brain, meaning your mood is lifted, your sleep patterns regulated and your energy rises.

B Complex (+B12)

is a main contributer to breaking down your food into energy for your body to use.


helps transport oxygen throughout the body. If you are starved of oxygen your body will not have enough energy to keep you moving.


Vitamin C

is found in high doses in immune cells and is quickly used up during an illness or infection.

Vitamin D3

kickstarts the immune system to chunk into action, giving it an extra boost.

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