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31 Jan 2014

January in Review

The Good

This has been a hit for people with sensitive and spot-prone skin the world over. I use it as a morning moisturiser; it's creamy enough to use without an additional moisturiser, especially as I wear a BB cream as base instead of foundation. It gives me a layer of protection that's working to help my skin under my makeup instead of clogging my pores further.

If you read my review (here) you already know I love this lip product. It's so soft and stays put for hours and hours. It has quickly become my favourite lip balm, check out my review to learn why.

January is known to be the month of most stress, and so having a little something to keep calm stashed away in your bag is not a bad idea. Mine has been this rescue remedy. You apply four drops under your tongue or into your glass of water for an immediate zen.

The Bad

John Frieda Luxurious Volume shampoo and conditioner

I had bought this shampoo and conditioner after seeing so many great reviews. Sadly I regretting buying it after the first use. My hair felt fine after washing, no disasters but no raves either, but after a day it started feeling greasy and heavy... the opposite of the promised volume. I usually wash my hair every three days or so, but I have had to wash it every one or two (with hefty doses of dry shampoo) days when using this. I don't want to waste it so am still using it (almost finished finally!) but will certainly not be repurchasing or recommending this range. It just goes to show, what works for others may not work for you, so stick to what you know is good and don't buy something just because it works for other people.

Boots paddle brush

I tend not to brush my hair as it's naturally pretty tame so I had never bought a hairbrush before. I went into Boots to pick one up after deciding to give it a go, but didn't want to spend a packet on something I'm hardly going to use. So I chose the cheapest paddle brush in the isle, which turned out to be very expensive for what it offered. After using it a few times, the bristles popped inside of the paddle and I was left with a bit of flat plastic on a stick. It may be a while before I venture to purchase another hairbrush. If you have any recommendations, please let me know!

Masque a la Boue anti-stress mud pack

I wanted to trial this face mask before purchasing the full size, and I'm glad I only spent the £1 on a sample. It didn't give any adverse reactions, but it equally didn't leave me feeling de-stressed, cleaner-faced or softer-skinned. In fact, nothing happened at all.  

What have been your hits and misses over January?

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