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20 Nov 2013

Energy-boosting Breakfasts

With the dark winter months rapidly closing in, we've all noticed a lull in our energy. So, to make those early mornings a bit less blurry-eyed and a bit more bushy-tailed, I've comiled a few of my favourite energy-boosting breakfast recipes.

12 Nov 2013

Face Masks that Work

It seems that there's a never-ending isle of face masks with endless promises to promote youthful, healthy or blemish-free skin. But how do we know which ones do the trick and which are just jumping on the bandwagon? To help, here are my top picks for the face masks that make a visible difference.

25 Oct 2013

4 Tips for a Better Workout

I've been a little gym-happy recently, experimenting with a few things here and there to keep me motivated, focused and sore (the good kind, obviously).

19 Aug 2013

Dealing With Breakouts

Breakouts can be traumatic (and I don't use this word lightly). They can make us want to hide in our rooms away from friends, boyfriends... and the entire population. Avoiding mirrors becomes a full time occupation and (not-so)-subtly hiding behind books, sunglasses and our own hair while trying to

29 Jul 2013

Core Brush Collection

9 Jul 2013

Skincare Staples

Living in the big city means being bombarded with advertisements wherever we look which can make it a bit too easy to go a little shop happy and buy all the latest crazes in beauty and skincare. With colourful designs, endless promises of a more beautiful you and glamorous counter assistants

13 May 2013

The Cupping Experience

I was treated by my lovely mum to a 'Massage and Cupping' experience via AmazonDeals. I had been looking forward to it for days, especially as I get fairly bad neck and back pains. This massage was much needed and I had heard about cupping before and had been intrigued (as I am by any 'alternative' medicines / treatments).

So when we arrived at the tiny (boutique if I want to be nice, hallway if I'm honest) salon, I was in high hopes. After an initial look round the products plonked about the place, I was slightly less thrilled. There were shelves covered in dust, cobwebs delicately draping amongst the jars of creams,

26 Mar 2013

Curing Acne For Good

If you've been scouring the shops (and by shops I mean internet because who's willing to brave the cold of the English spring?) for the miracle cure for acne... HALT! The simple truth is, there's no product on the shelves of Boots, L'occitane or even Creme de la Mer that'll rid your skin of pesky pimples for good. 

What you put into your body is what you'll get out of it.

When it comes to beauty detoxing and dieting the current custom is to fixate on putting natural products into our bodies for a relatively short period of time. We steer clear of unrecognisable ingredients, we eliminate E numbers from our diet and say no processed 'foods' like cakes and chips. While this is a good place to start, it isn't going to eradicate our problems.

So what is?
Well, if your issue is acne related, there is one product you're probably purchasing that is doing your skin a world of terror. Dairy.

While dairy is a product that is lining our supermarket shelves (and even earning itself dedicated isles), it is not the innocent it would have us believe.

— Coming Soon —