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2 Nov 2017

Finding Who You Are

Ever since I can remember, people have been pointing out my differences. People love to do this as a way to categorise and define, which, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. We've learned to do this over centuries of evolution in order to judge whether someone is friend or foe.

As children all we want is to fit in. We want to find our place within the crowds, be amongst friends and share our similarities. When there's something that defines us as different, we want to conceal it from others who may proclaim us outcasted. We, instead, try to enjoy the same things that others like, do the same things that we see others doing and turn our backs on our individuality... the things that really make us 'us'.

But these 'things' we shove deep down inside of us have a way of making their escape. They begin to show themselves again as we traverse through life in search for our place. You see, our place is never truly found by painting ourselves with the same colours as everyone else. We can try and, at times, we may even feel like we've succeeded, but this imagined fit is but a place-holder. 

We've become so accustomed to squeezing ourselves into familiar moulds that we no longer feel the sharp edges.

Some of us can go through our entire life shaped by what we want other's to see of us. But to live a truly happy and fulfilled life, we must step outside of our self-built confinement and open our hearts to what our souls have been trying to show us. Welcome the rushes of countless emotions as you begin again your search for your reality. Discover what makes you feel alive, live in the abundance that true self-knowing brings, and let yourself go. 

Whoever you are is exactly what this world needs. Being truly you brings harmony to your soul and the universe. 

Discard the negative thoughts you've been training yourself to have about who you really are. Throw away the thoughts that don't serve you in growing up and expanding outwards. Allow harmony to manifest itself within you and, if you need to, be with just yourself for a while. It's only then that you can reach out and bring into your life the people who help to raise you up to explore new horizons.

There is no map, no trodden road. Your path is completely unique and it's unknown territory is something for you alone to discover. Enjoy every step.

Be who you are and all that you need will come.

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10 Aug 2017

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